Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blast From The Past!

I was making room in my old closet to put my suitcase in for the summer and I came across these old treasures. Each I think marks a significant point in my life concerning how I came to pursue my art career:
First drawing ever. I'm glad my dad kept it. I'm sure he had no idea at the time  what keeping this would mean to me years later. Yay for kid scribbles! 
Now for the second turning point in artist land: This had to be 2nd grade, because I think it was when I had barely moved to Texas. You don't think much when you look at it, but I received so much positive feedback when I did this originally, whether it was from kids hovering over me in amazement or teachers just being nice, it made me like drawing. I drew dolphins a lot back in the day because I wanted to be some sort of marine biologist dolphin trainer person but this was the first time I actually thought I could be good at drawing. 
Fast forward four years to 6th grade and ya get this beast. I look back on this piece and I am still proud.  It got 1st place and best of show. It was the beginning of a very fun and exciting road for me. I'm so grateful to have been able to develop this talent and I hope to keep working hard and following this path. I am so excited to see where it leads me! 

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