Friday, June 18, 2010

This piece I did for my final and guess what I got!!! 50 OUT OF 50!!!!!!!!!! WOOOTWOOT!! XD and My teacher commentary included: Really great painting, one of the most successful in the class. I could use your painting as a good example of all the different criteria required for this project. Good job & keep up the good painting!
Criteria included:
Composition; Color and Value accuracy; Detail/Naunces; Proportions, angles, and scale; Paint/Surface Quality, all of which I scored a 5/5 adding up to 50.
O my goodness! I could just melt! This semester had a super great ending!
So this is the big bottle painting that I did. I got 18 points out of 20 which is pretty decent, but I could do better, So I did...