Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My new BUSY-ness and a French Post Card from the made up planet of Nim

Okay so here is my crazy plan!! Some of you may already know, but I am starting a freelance business. Nothing too big and mostly just what I have time for and for people I know or live by me, but basically I will do anything photographers do and I will sketch or paint instead, so like engagement portraits, weddings, birthday caricatures, pets, friends, holiday stuff, etc you name it I do it. I have configured some pricing options for those who are interested:

$20.00 for a sketchbook size, 8"x11" piece of one person or subject
$40.00 two people/subject
Plus $10.00 per person/subject after that.
Any custom requests or further questions can be emailed to me at smmiller09@hotmail.com.
I can accept cash or check.
I'd say since I am in school and depending on how many people send in requests, expect it take some time. I can let you know how much upon request
I will be posting up more details as I come to build on this and have requests, but in the mean time this will be all.

Thanks to everyone's support :)

So now for my latest catastrophe:

This one's not my favorite illustrator piece ever (it is only my second), but I liked the idea of futuristic gospel enlightenment haha!

It's translates to: The Missionaries from OUTER SPACE

On the back it will have written: 
Salutations de la planète Nim!
Salut Maman! Il y a des missionnaires ici, pouvez-vous croire?! Il m'a fait penser à Nathan au Japon. Quoi qu'il en soit, la nourriture de Nim est bon. Et la vue est exquise, deux lunes dans la nuit! Les habitants ici sont un étrange, mais agréable. Eh bien, je dois tiret. En pensant à toi!

 Which translates to: 
Hey! Greetings from Planet Nim!
Hey mom! There are missionaries here, can you believe it?! It made me think of Nathan in Japan. Anyways, the nim food is good. And the view is exquisite, two moons at night! The inhabitants here are a strange, but nice. Well, I gotta dash. Thinking of ya!

Totally silly and ridiculous but fun and for credit :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adobe Illustrator CS5

             So real quick while I have time. I've been taking this illustrator class and this is a little something I was able to whip up :) as far as coloring goes and making it a vector. 
Vector vs Raster:
Vector- mathematically generated geometric shapes.
Raster- stored as a pixel grid.
Resizing raster images causes pixelation whereas vector images will continue to be crisp images no matter what size you change it to. Photoshop uses raster imaging enabling it to create those realistic images that it does. Illustrator specializes in vector graphics enabling it to create images that can be blown up to banners and still be crisp. So it just depends on the mood you're in. I thought I could try to mesh the two together with this image to get more realistic shading and such, but as it turns out, photoshop could not keep the vector quality to save its life, so I did the best I could in illustrator. It's not perfect but it's a start, and it's not bad for my first piece in illustrator.

Monday, January 2, 2012

View of Pre or.. um.. Preview!

Sooooooo, I have this crazy idea, but I'm not going to get into detail in case it doesn't work out, wouldn't want to get your hopes up, eh? Haha, well, let me get some stuff going first and I'll let you in on my little gig. Here is just a little something that could possibly go towards my plans that I can't tell you about yet.
Kinda goes with the whole new year theme right?