Thursday, September 22, 2011

Social Violations.

This was fun! My dear friend Taylor had a project for her class. I'm still not sure what the guidelines consisted of exactly but it meant that got to have a hands on experience of having people look at you funny and doing it on purpose. Here are some pictures and videos of what we did:

Texting at the bottom of the escalator and blocking peoples way. This woman didn't say anything but the crease in eyebrows was an indication of how she felt about me sitting there in her way.

This is me messing with Taylor as she was getting distracted>> and texting
someone. :)

This is a guy I sat as close to as I could
comfortably while still feeling uncomfortable. The look he's giving me is after I told him my hair was real. Mid conversation I got up and left to check out these cool sunglasses. He was in the middle of talking about his tatoos.

Me being a statue with the statue kid.

Me chillaxin on a bike.

It was interesting to see peoples reactions. For me personally I was a little more gutsy than I would normally be and some of the reactions surprised me. Sure it might be a little awkward to sit next to a random guy, and I looked crazy, but he and I had a good conversation. You get to know people when you put yourself out there. One of the first things I did once we walked all the way in was shake these older men's hands and ask how they were doing. They asked if I needed anything and I said no, I just wanted to say hi. As I walked off he asked why can't there be more friendly people like you? One particular moment I actually felt bad about.. On the escalator a man with a stroller was coming down baby and all. Taylor moved out of the way. She was nice. As for me, I scooted over an inch, leaving enough room to squeeze by, but he didn't want touch me at all so he ran into the side of the escalator... O.o oops... It would have been worth it had it been caught on video or even a photo of it, but our camera guy was trying to set his stuff up so he didn't quite get it and now I'm just left to feel bad :(
So embarrassing, funny, enlightening, all of the above confirms that no matter how people dress or act they're still people. My perspective has been wonderfully enhanced.

Free Caricatures!

So my sketchbook class today went to the mall and one of my class mates put up a sign that said "Free Caricatures!" I went ahead and jumped in there with him and got some practice in for myself:

This was a great idea on my classmates part and I may have to go back and do it again! :)