Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Man Alive! I have been busy!

Well, busy and working hard. Good news moment, I got second place in the Figure Drawing Show here at BYU, yay! This is the winning piece:

Also I'm learning maya and just completed my first model ever!!!!! :DD SO excited about that! :)
I will be making a second one before the end of this semester, but here is my seal in a view different angles:

I do think the face is still quite a bit creepy looking, (mostly because the UVs around the mouth are kind of messed up, I should have fixed that) but the texturing was fun and I'm pretty happy with it overall being my first model. The next one will be a penguin, then whatever else I can come up with from there. I still have yet to learn rigging and animating as well, which I wish this class would go over but it won't. I'll just have to learn it elsewhere. Special thanks to Josh for helping me out when I got stuck in places. I love you!