Friday, November 26, 2010

So here is the rest of the series.

So i did a series of pieces like this for my final. They are related to each other in some way or another, but the main similarity is that they are of the same medium, india ink and water color. I liked the idea of playing with value on a black back ground and building up on the highlights rather than the shadows.
I don't mean to bore you with my technicalities, I'm learning that people outside the art world like when there is a point to something, something they can learn or understand. But sometimes artists will take that and intend to drive people crazy by not giving an explanation. I find it to be amusing as well sometimes. The question is, what do you think it means? These are not commissioned pieces, so therefore it can be whatever any one wants it to be because no one asked it to mean something in particular. This piece could mean something as simply as what you see: a young girl performing at a piano recital. Or you could go a little more in depth and imagine what this girl is feeling. You could wonder why you can't see the audience? Then ask who is the audience? Maybe that's what it could be about. Who is watching this little girl? Who cares enough to listen to her music that she plays? Then you could turn it into a piece that represents parenting and relate it to your life, your child hood, you children, your children's friends.. Who listened to you growing up? Do you listen to your kids? How does that influence you? You can take this piece and go to a lot of places with it, but I think it means more when you can figure out your own conclusions on what it means to you verses what I might say it means.