Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Layout

I'm changing things up a bit. Today in my class we were given a little bit of advice as to how to make your portfolio a little more professional looking, so I took in some of the words and applied them here. I will also be making a new website to more clearly display my portfolio to potential job places. It will be super tight! This blog will still be more relaxed and I will keep up with what's new in the world.

It's been kind of a while, but no worries, stuff is coming! I just wanted to wait for the semester ended. I don't know why.. seemed right. Anyways, my digital illustration class is putting up a show, if you're in town you should check it out. which is actually one reason I have not posted it up here because I want people to go see it for themselves. Then I will post it here. The show will be in the HFAC on BYU campus, 5th floor east side, starting....... tomorrow! (would have been today if people hadn't flaked out on us :P no hard feelings..) And will be up for the next couple of weeks.

And that's what's new. The end.

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