Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Graduation, speech, BFA Show and more!

Alright, so it's been a while! Too long in fact, but alas I am graduated, gave the speech and was awarded the Outstanding Senior Graduate Award, all of which is old news by now, but if you wanted to see the speech still, here it is: Sarah's Speech
Pretty boring, so you didn't miss much, but it was fun. Commentary = courtesy of my mother in law, Kris Keele :)

Afterwards I put up my senior show in the Harris Fine Arts Center, and I guess it was confusing for everyone as most people thought the only time they could go see it was the open house night on the 29th of April. That wasn't true.. It was up for an entire two weeks after that!!! The only thing special about the opening night was that I was there and there was food. Oh well. Now that it's over I can post the pictures from that night and also the actual show!


 Emma Emma is the main character in my story GreenThumb. She’s cute, she's charming, and she can command plant life of any kind to do her bidding. She was thought to be abandoned when the night dwellers found her near the cave opening so she was adopted and raised in the caves her entire life suppressing her green thumb abilities while she was without access to direct sunlight. She is actually a day dweller and to the dismay of the nightlings, she's a bit obsessed with the sun.
Aster Aster is Emma's adopted sister. She doesn't control plants, nor can she go out in the sun during the day, but she's got class and attitude. She does her best to keep Emma in line, but it doesn't always work out according to plan...

Baby Emma
Night Dwelling Cavern The caves is where the night dwellers live and where Emma is raised.

Wolsps are a mix between wasps and wolves. They are vicious creatures and haunt the night. They are the sole reason day dwellers avoid coming out at night even though they very well could.
Torro is a sort of sidekick for Emma as when she discovers him, he looks to have been abandoned himself so they can immediately relate to each other. I imagine him to have a bit of a comical personality: doglike, loyal, trainable, yet ornery at times; and he absolutely loves raspberries! He will eventually grow to become a giant turtle like creature that Emma can ride.
Lior is the goddess of light. She and Kek watched over the universe together in harmony. They had two sons, Xaiden (pronounced Zay-den) and Tamal who had a falling out that resulted in Xaiden murdering his younger brother and was thereby banished from his parents presence. Lior and Kek created a world in honor of Tamal. Tamal's light created the life and goodness that exists in the world of GreenThumb. Xaiden maintained his presence on the world of Tamal and haunted it's people. Xaiden's influence can be seen in all that is evil in that world.
Bonus Piece, not in the show:
Azure is the nightling who finds Emma and adopts her as her own. She is also Aster's mother. She is kind and level headed and serves as kind of a rock for Emma. She usually speaks common sense.

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