Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chalk the Block Won Best of Show!

      It all started a week ago when Josh came to my apartment dressed like a pirate, dressed me like a pirate and drove me all around Provo in our pirate ship (car with pirate flag sticking out the top with blasting Pirates of the Caribbean music.) to search for buried treasure. We first stopped by Pirate Island where we first met, then to the Castle Amphitheater where we went the night we started dating, then on to Rock Canyon Trail where the treasure was sure to be hid. It was deep in a cave and I had to dig it out, whence I did, he pulled me off the trail and got down on one knee pulled out the ring box from inside the chest, opened it and looked deep into my eyes. He then said, "Sarah, I love you so much, and with all of my heart I ask you this, Will you marry me?" I blushed and giggled and of course said, "Yes!" 
That was the first step. 
We got an email saying there was an open spot at the Chalk the Block festival at the shop at River Woods the next upcoming Saturday. We took it up of course, just for fun. It was on our list of things to do for a date and this was the perfect opportunity. Josh went ahead and whipped up a rough sketch on photoshop and gridded it out. After I finished all my french homework and test reviews, we got our tape and our tape measure, my camera, some extra chalk and headed over to our spot at about 5pm on Friday.  We knew there was a contest going on, but we did not go in to win, though we did joke about it a little bit, it was purely fun for us. Since it was both of our first times doing a chalk piece at this magnitude and also our first piece together ever, we were absolutely ecstatic to hear our number called for best of show. I could not have done something like this without Josh. He is absolutely amazing and we discovered that we work awesome together. I hope we do more stuff like this in the future. 

We used the soft pastel chalk that was handed out to us and barely used one box. It was an 8'x8' image and we completed it with 7 hours total working time. We started with the sky and worked our way down. Josh did mostly the right side and I did mostly the left side. Pictures of the step by step process can be found here on my facebook profile page. 

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  1. You and Josh work so well together in so many ways! Your artwork is incredible and you guys make a great couple! I love your proposal's so much fun! I look forward to seeing more amazing things from the two of you! :)