Monday, February 27, 2012

okay confession: I really do enjoy making animations when I have time and sticky notes.. and patience. Nothing fantastic here but I thought I'd show what I got :) btw this is all hand draw animation, I only used Imovie to put it together.

Oh and I found some old high school stuff, some from my illustration class last winter and some from high school that I never posted
This one is from high school. There was a budget manual contest and this made the cover plus was bought for $100. It was awesome :) 

There's nothing fantastic with this piece, just something I did back in the day with pastels and I still like it: 

This one is not my favorite but it turned out okay. It was for my illustration class last year.(made with guache medium)

And this is also from last years illustration class. I liked it a lot. Still looking back on it I see where improvements could be made.

glad I could get that off my chest.


  1. I love them :) Great work, Sarah!

  2. I still think those last two are pretty nice. It's good to notice things you want to improve though!

  3. Oh, Sarah! These drawings are beautiful!!

    love ya!