Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adobe Illustrator CS5

             So real quick while I have time. I've been taking this illustrator class and this is a little something I was able to whip up :) as far as coloring goes and making it a vector. 
Vector vs Raster:
Vector- mathematically generated geometric shapes.
Raster- stored as a pixel grid.
Resizing raster images causes pixelation whereas vector images will continue to be crisp images no matter what size you change it to. Photoshop uses raster imaging enabling it to create those realistic images that it does. Illustrator specializes in vector graphics enabling it to create images that can be blown up to banners and still be crisp. So it just depends on the mood you're in. I thought I could try to mesh the two together with this image to get more realistic shading and such, but as it turns out, photoshop could not keep the vector quality to save its life, so I did the best I could in illustrator. It's not perfect but it's a start, and it's not bad for my first piece in illustrator.

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